OUR (on-going) PROJECTS


Disaster Management


We believe that the strength lies in unity so we work in close coalition with many government and non-government organizations when the relief work is needed. We distribute food and drinking water in disaster struck areas, water in drought afflicted areas and try to mobilize the help from community. We have worked with many organizations. South African disaster management department, operation hydrate, Gift of the Givers and operation SA to name a few. To keep in touch with our latest work follow us.




Medical Equipment Rentals

We rent out medical equipment such as hospital beds, oxygen tanks, commodes, wheelchairs, crutches etc. for low cost and free of charge to the needy patients. If you want to rent any hospital equipment fill out this form and we will get back to you.



Missing persons


Report any missing persons by filling in this form (click on the link). We will immediately notify search parties nationwide and will distribute a lookout to our network.






MedBot is a chatbot for both Telegram and Facebook Messenger. It picks up your location and sends you a list of nearest hospitals, doctors and pharmacies complete with their contact number and opens their location in Google Maps. We have developed this bot in partnership with Creative Melon to assist travelers and other people caught in emergency situations. Access it on Facebook Messenger or Telegram.





RegBot is a chatbot for Telegram. It lets the users quickly check if a certain vehicle number plate is on our community maintained database for lookout vehicles. It also lets you add new number plates to the database. You can access it here.




Free Directory listings


To bring the power of advertisement to small scale businesses and individuals who can not afford to do so, we have launched a free directory listing site.


The purpose of this site is twofold – community can have all the information they need at their fingertips and those who cannot afford to advertise their skills or businesses get an exposure to wider audience.

You can apply for a free listing on our site if you are:


• emergency services (ambulances, paramedics etc.)

• medical facilities (doctors, hospitals, labs etc.)

• NGOs and humanitarian workers

• education facilities (schools, tuition centers, cottage schools, extra classes etc.)

• small scale service providers (handyman, plumber, electrician, gardener etc.)

• cottage industries (seamstress, selling stuff from home etc.)


We charge a small fee from the other businesses (much less than commercial directory sites) and this amount goes towards the upkeep of the directory site (web hosting and web maintenance expenses).




Project Dream Catcher


Because dreams don’t work unless you do. We provide interest free micro loans to people who want to make a difference in their lives or the lives of others.


John wants to buy a freezer for his corner shop, he thinks stocking cold drinks in his shop will help boost the sales. Peace is good at making things but don’t have money to buy supplies. Faith thinks she can make a living and support her family by making and selling bread but don’t have money for an oven. These are the kinds of scenarios where we can help. We provide interest free micro loans to people who can use that money in improving their lives and earn their livelihood. Contact for more information and to find out how you can help.




Grow Your Own


Growing your own food is like growing your own cash. We are passionate about small scale agriculture and grow your own culture.


We help people in setting up small back yard gardens, community gardens, school gardens etc. which not only provides them with fresh food for themselves but often enough surplus to share or giveaway or even sell. We have partnered with many companies who manufacture growing tunnels and we can usually provide growing tunnels at a very economic price. Plus, we have passionate individuals who like to devote their time in teaching others how to grow their own food.


Have a green thumb yourself? Want to teach your skills to others? Contact us!



Code Club


We want to give our future generation an opportunity to explore the 21st century literacy – computer programming- for free.


Code Club is a computer programming/coding club initiated by Helps SA as a gathering place for coding enthusiasts. Targeted towards kids of ages 7-15, this club offers them an opportunity to meet like-minded kids, learn by doing projects together, collaborate with each other on their projects, get help from mentors and meet new friends. We want the focus to be on self-learning through exploration and collaboration among kids. This is not a computer class but for the beginners we have many projects which we will teach them basics of programming.



Talk Anti-Drug


Creating awareness about the harms of drugs and substance abuse is the only way we can save our society. We do educational talks and programs to create this awareness.


We have an extensive listing of all the all the available drugs in the market, their effects and what parents need to watch out for. We also do educational programs time to time to create awareness in the younger generation and to help the parents/carers of those with substance abuse problems.




Zoological Squad


We believe in conservation through education. For this purpose, we do programs to educate people about how to protect wild life especially the reptilian kind which invokes fear. We also do free reptile shows for under privileged kids in orphan houses etc. Contact us for more info.



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